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1. Described the steel making in basic open hearth furnace?

2. Explain the refining stage in LD Process?

3. Write the principle operation merits and demirit of induction furnace?

4. Write the type of slag in electric arc furnace?

5. Described VAD, VOD and AOD?

6. Write operational principle of contineous casting.

7. Describe the activity of carbon in refining state of steel in basic steel making processes?

8. Why deoxidation is necessary in steel making how is it done, explain?

9. Explain about slag metal reaction during steel refining?

10. What are the condition for removing of impurities in Morden steel making practice?

11. Aluminium extraction for bauxite using hall heroult furnace with diagram, Explain?

12. Pyrometallurgical extraction of copper from sulphide ore with flow diagram, discussed?

13. What is steam degassing, why it necessary in steel making?

14. What is role of deoxidizer in oxidation practice?

15. Write down the special features of induction furnace and it's limitation?

16. What do you mean by OBM process why it is essential in modern steelmaking practice?

17. Explain about ladle metallurgy, what is the role of it in steel industry?

18. Define the types of iron ore used in steel plant?

19. Write a short note about agglomeration, what are processes in it?

20. What are the irregularity of blast furnace, how does it affects the production in BF?

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